Saturday, February 12, 2011

Discussion Questions for "The Help"

Yes, I am finally getting around to this!!! I kept promising and telling Ms. SDub that I would get on this... Then in true Justy fashion I would forget. So here I go... Please forgive any spelling and grammatical errors!

Which character do you feel you are most like? Why?
Woo-wee!! This one was so hard for me. I really had to do some comparing and contrasting and here is what I have come up with. I feel I am a combonation of Aibileen and Ms. Celia. Forgive me if my explanation is long winded. It is hard to put into words why I chose these two characters. Let me begin with Ms. Celia. She is described as somewhat of a ditzy blonde that can't do anything domestic. I don't feel this side of her is what I relate to. The side of Ms. Celia I can relate to is her longing to "fit in". She desperately wants to be a part of Ms. Hilly's circle. She offers to help with the Junior League Banquet... She calls everyday... Now the reason I can relate to this is because of where I work. Let me explain. I work with some of the BEST teachers in the state. I truly mean that. I have been in several schools and I have never encountered a group that cares about teaching and learning like our staff does. Here is my thing though. These ladies have all lived in the same town together, many went to high school together, some even went to college together. They all know each other and their families. I came into this town as a "transplant". I am at a disadvantage simply because I didn't grow up there and do not know many people outside of who I work with. There are many days where I just want to "fit in". Does this make sense???? These girls go out together, have dinner together, go to concerts, etc. I have mentioned that I would like to do things with them but it just hasn't ever really happened. Now, don't misunderstand me. This is not intended to be a pity post at all!!!!! This is just how I feel I can relate to Ms. Celia just wanting to belong somewhere. I hope that makes sense??? Like I said it's hard for me to put it into words!!

Whew!! That took alot for me to write that out. I'm not a good writer and it's hard for me to make sure the words I am typing convey my feelings properly. UGH! I need to work on this! I will come back later and write about Ms. Aibileen.

Happy Reading!!!

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