Saturday, March 5, 2011

Still Here!

Whew! Things have gotten a bit crazy in the last couple of weeks! School has been NUTS-- as have the kids! The hubby and I also joined a gym-- so that has eaten into my reading time a bit-- but I have also lost 6 lbs, so it's worth it I guess.  :)

Right now Justy Mac and I are reading Unbearable Lightness by Portia De Rossi. I don't usually read biographies or autobiographies, so this is something different.

So far (I am about 30% done), I am enjoying the book. It deals with the author's battle with weight, self-esteem, and eating disorders. I am familiar with Ms. De Rossi from Ally McBeal mainly. (I never really got into Arrested Development). I find she writes very well-- she is thoughtful and, at times, painfully honest.

I guess my biggest shock so far is how she describes the set and cast of Ally. I LOVED that show, and while her character ("Subzero Nell") was a complete BEYOTCH, it certainly added to the show's quirky characters. I always envisioned them as buddies off-set as well. Apparently this was not the case. Not that they were not friendly to each other, but they just didn't hang out, or really talk much it seems.

I am also impressed more so with her acting after reading what I have. I imagined she was just as confident (though not as hateful) as Nell. Turns out it is quite the opposite. I have always found Portia De Rossi to be beautiful- so her low self image is intriguing.

Has anyone else read this book? Thoughts? Opinions?

On a sidenote, I just finished a GREAT audiobook-- A Red Herring Without Mustard by Alan Bradley. This is the 3rd in the Flavia DeLuce mysteries. I LOVE these books and the way they are written-- but I especially LOVE the woman that narrates the audiobooks, Jayne Entwistle. This is a series that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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