Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just call me Pokey

Sorry I have slowed things down recently. Justy Mac zipped through The Help, but I seem to be taking my sweet time. I have noticed that I read REAL books slower than I do my eBooks. Weird. As a friend had loaned me this book, I saw no reason to download it to the Kindle.

I am still not done, but WHOA! I am loving this book. One of the ways I determine a good book is does it make me FEEL? So far I have been through a range of emotions-- anger, humor, sympathy, confusion for how anyone could treat another human being the way some of these women do.

The characters are extremely well developed-- you can SEE them clearly in your head as you read. (Though I have heard this is being made into a movie, so  have no doubt my pictures will be distorted by Hollywood).

Right now the adjective I am thinking about is brave. Abileen, Miss Skeeter, and Minny are all immensely brave. This takes place during such a crazy time in US history. A sad time. A dark time. But nonetheless, a time of true bravery from many people.

We will be going over the Civil Rights Movement at school soon. It is interesting to teach this to 5th graders, and to see their reactions. We touched on it a bit last week-- having just finished the Civil War while discussing the celebration of Martin Luther Kin, Jr holiday. One student (and not one of my smartest either) said to me, "Why can't everyone just get along? We are all the SAME afterall."


I'm on pg. 166-- and I promise to get a move on!

Sidenote-- I've started a new audiobook-- Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. So far I like it. I've heard good things. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Take your time. I want you to enjoy it as much as I did. I want to re-read it already! I agree with your adj 'brave'. It's insane to me how treating people so poorly was considered the "norm" back then. I am glad that as a Nation we have come so far but I know you will agree with me when I note that we, as human beings- not just a race, have so much farther to go.